A Return to Art

Irma Shapiro, Colorist PainterIrma defines herself as a colorist—mixing expressionism and impressionism on large cavasses with lots of brushwork. Her favored medium is Acrylics. She has awards and recognition in many juried shows and invitationals. She has had a number of one person art shows at various locations in Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey and New York.

To Irma, the joy of a sale is knowing that someone loves your work enough to want to live with it.

The artist has a studio in her home, and sells by appointment and through select galleries in the Philadelphia area.

Artists Note

“In April of 2012 my house burned down completely along with Ginger (my dog), and the bulk of my artwork and records, including past resumes. This was followed by 2 major tragedies in the family.

I used painting as therapy to survive this difficult time in my life. Time and determination have helped me produce a whole new body of work. I am very pleased with what I have accomplished.”